Creamy toasted tomato sauce from the oven

I have to overcome my acute laziness so slowly. In the meantime, I'm already so behind in my planning that I postpone some of my summer recipes to next year or have to send you some cheers someday soon.

Today is suddenly autumn - at least meteorological. Inside is already long autumn and the yearning for soups and stews is increasing. But I still have to give you a recipe today. That did not make it into the blog last year namely already. I did it again this year and I almost lost it. But now it comes in the last second.

We are talking about such a simple and ingenious roasted tomato sauce from the oven. Sun-ripened tomatoes (which are still available!) Are slowly left to smear with onions, garlic and herbs in the oven. It creates an incredibly intense sauce that tastes like summer. And you've got some of it all year! That's why I highly recommend boiling the sauce right away. That's the way I always do it.

Last year, I did not block the sauce because I used it with the peel of tomatoes. This still has bowls of the tomato peel in the sauce, despite pureeing, and that's kind of bad.

 Pasta sauce, served with fresh tagliatelle, Parmesan and basil

That 's why I recommend eating the tomatoes before Processing to skin. This is also really simple - scoring and ice water can save you. I just take a big pot and bring water to a boil. The tomatoes in a row are just so in the pot and the skin bursts after about 30 seconds. Once that happens, just take them out of the water and let them drain and cool a bit. Then you can easily skin them and cut out the stalk. That's about it.

The rest works in the oven almost by itself - super simple. The result is an incredibly great color and an ingenious creaminess of the ingredients.
Once the sauce is cooked, it is only mashed and bottled - you can fill it both in freezer suitable containers and freeze portions or put them into suitable glasses and cook. This saves space in the freezer and has a tasty sauce in the pantry throughout the year. How exactly I cook the sauce, I write down.
But now we come first to the recipe, for this piece of summer in the glass.

 cooked tomato sauce from the oven in the glass

Toasted tomato sauce from the oven

for 2 large sheets (about 6-8 glasses)


30 medium-sized ripe tomatoes (vine tomatoes, tomatos o. a.)
1 small tuber garlic
4 medium onions
some sprigs of Italian herbs like thyme, rosemary and marjoram
sea salt, freshly ground black pepper
extra virgin olive oil


Preheat the oven to 150 ° C top and bottom heat or 130 ° C hot air or circulating air.
Generously drizzle two large baking trays or dripping pans with olive oil grease everything thoroughly.

The T Thoroughly wash, skin (see above) and remove the stem.
Halving and placing the halves of tomatoes on the trays with the cut edge facing down.Distribute evenly over the two sheets.
Wash herbs as required, shake dry and spread evenly over the twigs on the twig.
Distribute the sheets evenly in the oven when using circulating air and push in at the same time. When using only one sheet or top and bottom heat, put the tray on the middle ledge in the oven.
Cook the tomatoes slowly with the oven door closed for about 2 hours until lightly caramelized and softened.

Increase the temperature to 200 ° C top and bottom heat or 180 ° C healing air (or circulating air) and continue to cook the tomatoes for about 20-30 minutes until they brown well, but do not burn Using two plates at the same time, they should be changed halfway each other to ensure that everything cooks evenly.

Remove the finished tomatoes from the oven, remove the twigs and place everything in a heat-resistant blender (or Thermomix). or in a large, heat-resistant bowl or in a pot. Blend the sauce with the Blender, Thermomix or a blender until the desired lumpy or smooth consistency is achieved. Season with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Then the sauce can be portioned into freezer containers and frozen.

Or you can cook them to make them last longer Of course, you can also immediately with fresh pasta (I prefer the varieties of Ppura for, in the pictures are the Pappardelle to see) and Serve with freshly grated cheese.


For this purpose, 6-8 clean canning jars (jam jars, sauce jars, etc. are of course also possible) with about 200 ml content on a baking tray at 150 ° C. The oven is sterilized for 15 minutes.
The lids are prepared in boiling water for 5 minutes.
The still-hot toasted tomato sauce is filled directly into the cooled glasses with a jar and sealed with the still hot lids.

I'm putting di Put the jars in a pot, either with a matching wire rack or a dish towel on the floor, and pour in enough warm water until the glasses are 3/4 of the water.
I bring the water to a boil, then switch to one low level and leave the glasses in the simmering water for 45 minutes.

Then cool to room temperature on a grid.
Once cooled, test whether all jars are vacuumed to have. If a lid bulges or gives way to pressure, you should rather put the glass in the fridge and use it soon.