Frozen peach margaritas - easy, fast and delicious for your party!

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F rozen Margaritas are a really great party drink. All you need is a blender plus a few simple ingredients - and you can make a whole party crowd with delicious cocktails happy at the touch of a finger. Again and again, totally fast and with really little effort. Everything in the shaker ... 10 seconds rrrrrrrrrrooooooaarrrrrrrrr ... finished. YAY! If you are just looking for the right drink for your party or a cozy get-together with friends - margaritas are ideal. By the way, margarita means "daisies" in Spanish, but the name is really a blast.)

You've probably already tried the classic margarita version with limes and triple sec. But how about a change with a more extravagant version: a frozen peach margarita? Refreshing, tasty and incredibly peachy aromatic. The whole thing is of course also at home without ready mix mixes and slush machines quite easy-peasy of the hand. Promised!

Frozen Peach Margaritas | GourmetGuerilla.comFrozen peach margaritas - easy, fast and delicious for your party!

Crushed ice cream, silver tequila and a splash of lime juice travel into the blender jar. And then comes the little icing on the cake, which turns our standard margaritas into small aroma bombs: peach liqueur. Pepino Peach brings the scent and taste of sun-ripened peaches into the glass. With 15% vol. Alcohol content, by the way, is at the bottom end of the liqueur range and is great for mixing with other spirits.

Frozen peach Margaritas |

Speaking of glass: Margaritas with a salt rim are served in a classic way in the typical glass jars with the little Böppel-Aubuchtung. But probably most people do not own 12-15 authentic Margarita glasses at home (they almost need their own room!) - be creative and take other glasses. Champagne bowls or small juice glasses are also very wonderful. And if you really, really many people have a guest, pretty paper cups with straw are a very good alternative.

So, and now go to the shaker and celebrate delicious

PS: If you like the drink front even easier: Pepino Peach is also great with champagne to a peach Bellini or Coke to one Pour Pepino Black. Cheers!

Frozen Peach Margaritas |

And here's the recipe for Frozen Peach Margaritas

Here's how it works:

Put all the ingredients in the blender. Mix first at medium and then at the highest level until it has a smooth consistency.

Put the salt on a small flat plate. Moisten the rim of the glasses with the lime and dip briefly into the salt.

Pour the margaritas into the jars and serve immediately with a straw.